My Regards To Tracy

Should love depend on blood group or genotype?

Should blood group or genotype be a barrier
to getting married to the love of your life?

Do you believe genotype can be changed?
Is love transferable?

Get ready to get answers to these questions in this intriguing novel
that is full of suspense.


When platonic friendship is run in actuality, it is sweater than dating. The individuals involved get along together as if tomorrow is no more. Each other’s mistakes and faults are often overlooked. Horseplay is their second nature as they throw pillows at each other. They cycle, swim, sing and jog together with joy written all over them. The world becomes a paradise.


“What’s the story behind your ordeal?” asked Winifred.

She went into details. Winifred wiped her face with her fingers.

“Don’t worry. The victory of evil over good is temporary,” Pamela admonished.

Amelia had bacon and eggs for breakfast.

After, she retired to her room for a sober reflection. She spent more and more time alone in her room. She walked towards a bag to fetch her Genotype Examination Analysis. She went through it in silence, nodding her head in pity. She glanced around the room in the hope that she would get a rope but got none. She knelt down before a table.

“Terminate my life, God. I’m tired of this world of inequality,” she prayed.

Pamela, who had been spying on her overheard her statements and moved closer.

“Come off it!” she said, “Why would you offer such a prayer?”

“Leave me alone,” she wept, “God has been so unfair to me. If I had AA Genotype, all this wouldn’t happen to me. Why is it that some people have AA Genotype while others have AS and SS.? Why are we not equal? Why are some people suffering while others are enjoying? Why…why…why…?” she wailed, crying, “Do I have to ask guys at the inception of asking me out whether they have AA Genotype? What happens to me if guys with AA Genotype do not come my way?”

She stood up, weeping and in anger, took the Examination Analysis and tore it into pieces. She cried the more.

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“Oscar is at the door. He’d like to see you now.”

Amelia got up and left for the entrance. She opened the door before her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked with a harsh voice.

“I’m very sorry for all that has happened. It was all a mistake. Find a place in your heart to forgive me, please. I’m ready to take the risk. I love you with my whole heart. Before I go to bed and when I wake up, it’s you I see. You’re my mind, you’re my soulmate, you’re…?”

“Stop it!” she butted in, “You’re hurting me. This is happening to me all in the name of the love I have for you. Your action has brought disgrace on me and my family. I suffered the humiliation of being criticised in public. I made your joy my joy, and, your sadness my sadness. But you rewarded me with cruelty and dilemma,” she sniffled, “I’m very sorry. Go! I don’t want to see you anymore. You’re irritating to me. Go…go…go,” she cried her eyes out.

Winifred and Pamela moved closer, held her by hands and took her inside. Oscar instantly removed his guitar from his shoulder. He played it and sang Amelia’s favourite song as they normally did before the misunderstanding erupted. The catchy tune floated into her mind.

Amelia suddenly separated her hands from Winifred and Pamela as they were going. She turned back, looking at Oscar’s face with emotion. She walked towards him slowly, kissed him on both cheeks and gave him a hug. Tears were running down her face. After some seconds…

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“Is it possible to have AS Genotype when one was a kid and later change to AA when one is grown up?” asked one of the patients.

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Amelia was waiting patiently in the hospital to get her genotype result.

At a moment she was anxious. A harsh voice asked within her,” Do you think genotype can be changed?”

“Let’s wait and see,” another gentle voice answered.

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Coincidentally, her phone rang. It was Oscar. She hurriedly picked up the call.

Amelia- Hello.

Oscar – Hello, is that Amelia?

Amelia – Yes, speaking.

Oscar – Oh, hello, how’re you doing?

Amelia – Never better.

Oscar – Wow! I’m happy to hear that. I’m calling to inform you that I couldn’t catch the flight.

Amelia – Why?

Oscar- The vehicle I boarded to the airport had a flat tyre.

Amelia – Where are you now?

Oscar – I’m still at the airport waiting for the next flight.

Amelia – How long will it be?

Oscar – We’ll take off in the next two hours.

Amelia – Surprise, surprise. I’ve a surprise for you.

Oscar – A surprise!

Amelia – Yes, a surprise.

Oscar – Stop keeping me in suspense. Could you tell me now, please?

Amelia – No! May I come over there?

Oscar – Yes. I can’t wait to see you.

Amelia – I’ll be there in a moment.

She hung up and boarded a cab. Oscar was still waiting, suffering from nerves. Suddenly, he saw Amelia coming in a distance. He ran to her.

“What’s the surprise? Why are you keeping me in suspense?

“Guess what?”

“I’m not good at guessing. What’s it?

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Suddenly, hundreds of protesters appeared at a distance coming towards their direction. On getting to the centre of the airport, they stopped. The demonstration was staged due to the refugees’ detention. People in the crowd were chanting, “We’re all refugees” with banners reading “Respect human dignity, release the refugees.”

Oscar and Amelia gave little attention to the demonstrators. Subsequently, the police decided to disperse the dissenters. Three non-lethal weapons of tear gas were thrown to the other side to scare them. People began to run in a stampede towards Oscar and Amelia’s direction. Amelia and Oscar were engrossed in their conversation to the extent that they did not notice the dash. Sadly, protesters including Amelia and Oscar were trampled underfoot in the rush for the escape. They were severely wounded. Oscar lay on the ground groaning with pain while Amelia lain unconscious on the floor. There was a gush of blood from their injuries. Ambulance staff members quickly rushed to their rescue and they were conveyed to the hospital.

Amelia was taken to Intensive Care Unit while Oscar was admitted into Emergency Ward. Their relations stormed the hospital when the news reached them.

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“I’m sorry. I caused all the troubles. If I didn’t invite you to the airport, all this wouldn’t have happened,” he lamented.

Amelia heard his voice. She opened her eyes.

“No! Come off it. You didn’t cause anything. It’s just that life is full of coincidences,” she responded.

“How’re you feeling right now?”

“I’m feeling better.”

“What about you?”

“I’m recuperating from it, too, but…”

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“Ha! How could death do this to me? That dream finally came true. She assured me she would survive. She couldn’t fulfill her promise. We strived to be together till the rest of our lives but death has run its course. My love is gone. My jewel is no more!” he bawled his eyes out.

The relatives who were at close range moved closer. They held him side by side. He went wild on their ways towards the exit.

A hallucinatory voice of Amelia came from nowhere saying “Oscar! Oscar!! Oscar!!! It’s freezing cold. Get me a jumper. Don’t leave me in the cold.” Hallucination continued.

He looked around, seeing her seated at the corner of the room chilled to the bone.

“Leave me alone,” he roared, “I can hear her talk. I can see her. Get me a jumper, please. She’s cold.”

He pulled himself free. He looked around to get a sweater, but found none. Recollecting that he was wearing one, he took it off. He handed it over to the deceased.

“Take! I’m sorry. I caused your sudden death. If I’d not invited you to the airport, it wouldn’t have happened,” he wept.

“No! You didn’t cause me any death. It was a coincidence!” she cried, “Move closer to me. Don’t leave me alone. I need your hug to help me get rid of the cold!”

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